Office and SharePoint in Dynamics

Office 365, SharePoint and Dynamics software perfectly work together

With Microsoft Office 365 you have access to Office and the well-known applications Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and Excel. On top, Office 365 brings functionalities for e-mail, agenda, video and chatting. And let’s not forget the possibilities to share documents and collaborate with others.

What is the power of Office 365? That is simple: Office 365 is your personal online portal and access to the Microsoft cloud. And from this portal you can go to other Microsoft applications like Office, SharePoint, Teams and many more. Find out more on Office 365 and SharePoint in the movies below:

SharePoint, Office 365 and Offimac

Microsoft SharePoint empowers employees, teams and companies in an intelligent way. It is a web-based platform for collaboration, communication and many other applications.

What can Offimac deliver when it comes to SharePoint?

First of all, Offimac can implement your SharePoint solution. But secondly and more important, Offimac has solutions for integrating your Dynamics platform with SharePoint. So that your employees can save and consult documents, mails and other information in SharePoint, from within Dynamics.

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